Meet the Director

Cedar Crest Academy believes students are capable of learning more, and teachers, leaders and schools can provide the opportunities for this acquisition. The curriculum at Cedar Crest is engaging and challenging.

Cedar Crest Academy supports opportunities for teachers to teach curriculum for which they have gained mastery and passion. Passion for teaching a subject allows students to experience teachers that are knowledgeable, inspiring and creative. Our students are engaged, receive current knowledge on subjects, with a passionate educator who integrates learning to life. Teachers are the bridge to the important goals of learning.

Our daily mission at Cedar Crest Academy is to capture children’s curiosity and channel it to complex ideas and exciting solutions. The Cedar Crest vision is to support and challenge the world’s youth for their personal and intellectual development. We believe social intelligence is best supported by creating a school culture that engages the student, family and school. Small class sizes offer every child a voice. Our students benefit from the dedication of teachers helping them to reach their highest potential. Cedar Crest Academy alumni are individuals who make a difference by their competence, confidence and compassion.

We invite you to learn about Cedar Crest Academy. Explore the difference!

Tracy Moen, Director