Cedar Crest was founded in 1984, on 15 acres, in Clarkston, Michigan. Our graduates have taken their place in society as individuals and contributors to our society. They attend private, parochial and public high schools with remarkable success. They have studied law, science, engineering, education, or the literary and artistic domains. They are parents, photographers, world contributors, artists, and business people. They tell us “I never think about treating people differently, because of color, capability or status because of my learning at Cedar Crest. I studied French or art or writing or medicine or nuclear bio-chemistry, because I loved it so much at Cedar Crest. Going to school at Cedar Crest was safe, challenging, and fun. I love returning here to the traditions and positive feelings.”

In the 1980s, university research began noting that American students were less competent than students in other countries, especially in mathematics and science. With an improved understanding of individual learning variation, Bette Moen and her students of Education and Therapy Associates were able to achieve significant academic gains in reading and mathematics. This success yielded a model of education that integrated maturation of the young brain, neuro-psychological strengths and weaknesses, and the psychology of motivation. That matrix was inspired by pediatric neurosurgeon R.M.N. Crosby and generated academic success with every child. A revered accountant and an attorney were the credibility of two women who believed they could create an independent school.

In 1984, an educational private practice took the step into “a small school” in Clarkston, Michigan. Twenty students, meeting in a church, kept doubling and a passive solar building was constructed on 9 wooded acres of a tree farm. W. Edward Deming, world renowned quality consultant, dedicated the classroom building in September 1984. Dr. Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge continues to inspire the vision of Cedar Crest Academy. The campus site encouraged learning by doing, personal support, and success; and it still is that site. Challenging mathematical learning was rewarded by cross-country skiing on Friday afternoons. Participation in “We are the World”, “Hands Across America”, and Bach’s birthday taught us to share our learning with others and make a difference.

Success with kindergarten through Grade 6 students inspired us to believe the youngest learners could learn more also. Children’s Tree Early Childhood Center evolved into Cedar Crest Early Childhood Center on 15 beautiful acres of land in Oakland County.

Academic success was easily visible and French and music became a desire. We were now thinking beyond ourselves to the demands of a global society.

Today, Cedar Crest Academy students travel and share lives with students around the world. They gain admission to prestigious high schools, private and public. Most important, they learn, two to three grade levels above the current norm, with confidence and the expectation that there is much more to learn and experience in our world.

Bette D. Moen, Founder

Cedar Crest Academy was founded on the premise that one’s thoughts are powerful predictors and motivators to make a difference in the world. We invite you into a remarkable community of learners, children, teachers, and parents. It is our daily mission to create an optimal zone of learning for every child, and a system that supports every member’s learning. Guests and alumni report to us how the “shining eyes” of our students best convey the possibility in a Cedar Crest education.

It is clear that American students must learn more to be competitive in our global society. Cedar Crest offers an accelerated mathematics, science, and technology curriculum. When learning is challenging and meaningful, students are motivated; and motivated students learn more.

Our world’s future will demand “disciplined, synthesizing, creative, respectful, and ethical minds”. Howard Gardner The curriculum of Cedar Crest Academy plus the energy of young students provides an opportunity to develop complex ideas, integrate thinking, create solutions and questions, develop respect for variation, and fulfill one’s citizenship.

Cedar Crest Academy manifests possibility for the student needing challenge and the student who needs individual support, that they learn challenging curriculum. Know- that after three years of accelerated education, the gap between less fortunate cannot be closed. It is only accountable that we commit ourselves to young people learning more with prolific creativity.

A Cedar Crest foundation is a path of confidence and leadership in academics, the humanities, and ethical behavior.

Bette D. Moen, Founder